Mango Languages

Assessment Feature
My Role: Sole UX Designer

The Assessment Feature of Mango Languages let the language learners to evaluate himself or herself, or the teacher to evaluate the learners. The Assessment Feature is a combination of 3 types of questions. The user can use the feature to determine where in the course the user should start learning, or figure how much the user understand the chapter, unit, or the language overall.


As an interaction designer at Mango Languages on summer 2013, I was tasked to lead the user experience design of the Assessment Feature. The feature is an add-on to the Mango Languages’ core products, which teach the users new languages using card-based design.

For more information about Mango Languages, visit the company’s website.

3 Types of Questions

3 types of questions

The Designs

3 types of questions


3 types of questions

Promo Video

Mango Languages released a promotional video of the Assessment Feature on February 2014, which featured the update of my design.