C4Sales Smartwatch
My Role: Lead UX Designer

SAP C4Sales Smartwatch is a smartwatch application concept for salesperson based on SAP Cloud for Customer. The application is designed so that the user can keep track of his/her work anywhere and anytime without disrupting the user lifestyle.


When I was working at SAP, I was assigned to lead the user experience design of C4Sales Smartwatch concept because of my previous experience with smartwach app design. I worked closely with product managers and developers in order to deliver a quality Smartwatch app, while still resonance with other products in Cloud for Customer products suite.

The Stack Metaphor

To make a smartwatch app that can support the complexity of SAP’s Cloud for Customer and can be scaled in the future, I designed the app flow and structure system based on stacks of cards. Here’s how it works:

1. Every object (appointment, sales quote, etc.) is a stack of screens, arranging from left to right.

2. The Current Screen is the only screen that is displayed on the device. The Current Stack is the stack that contains the Current Screen. The starter stack is the Launchpad stack.

3. When a new object is called, discard the rest of the screens of the current object (all the screens on the right of the current screen), then put the stack of the new object on the right side of the object.

4. All the screens on the right that is not belong to the current stack will always be discarded. When this happen, bring back the rest of the current stack.

Navigating through the screens can be done by swipe left or right. Swiping from the top will show the Launchpad screen. In addition, some screens can be scroll vertically to show the hidden content.

The Designs